Protecting Your Eyes for the Future

Have you started to notice problems with your vision and aren’t sure what it’s from? As you get older your vision can start to deteriorate, but if you’ve worn glasses or contacts most of your life you already know that. When you get to be older still, however, glaucoma can set in, making it even harder to see and even causing blindness if left untreated. The good news, however, is that this disease can definitely be treated.


What is Glaucoma?

The first thing to figure out is more about the disease itself. Glaucoma is a disease, or actually a group of several diseases, that work together and cause damage to the eye. The damage is mostly concentrated on the optic nerve, which is where your ability to see comes from and if it is left untreated the optic nerve starts to lose function which results in vision problems and can eventually lead to total blindness. But when it’s caught early this problem can be stopped early.

What Happens First?

You won’t even notice the earliest onsets of glaucoma for yourself because there really aren’t any symptoms. It starts to affect the optic nerve and your sight before you even notice any differences. Over time, the peripheral vision will start to break down and this will creep slowly inward for as long as it goes untreated. Eventually, there is no vision left.

Treating Glaucoma

When it comes to treatment however, there is definitely hope for glaucoma St. Louis patients. Eyedrops and pills can be used to treat the disease and stop its progression, as can laser trabeculoplasty, which helps to drain some of the fluid caused by the progression of the disease or even surgery. Any of these will help to reduce the effect of glaucoma and stop it from progressing, but any damage that has already occurred is unable to be restored. This is why it’s important to be tested for glaucoma early on.

Finding Glaucoma

If you are getting your eyes checked regularly chances are pretty good that glaucoma would be caught quite early. That’s because the actual symptoms, the ones that you don’t notice, can be recognized during your regular eye exam. This means people who already wear glasses or contacts are actually going to have a better chance of being diagnosed quickly.

  • Visual acuity test
  • Visual field test
  • Dilated eye exam

Each of these are part of the normal eye exam that you would go through with an optometrist and therefore a normal exam will help them recognize a problem. But if a problem is detected or a more in-depth exam is needed there is plenty more they can check as well.

  • Tonometry
  • Pachymetry

These things will help them understand more about the pressure or fluid that may be present in the eye and therefore allow for a more accurate diagnosis of glaucoma or any other medical condition within the eye. The more you know the better off you’re going to be and the sooner the treatment can begin.

Adieu Specs and Lenses!

If you’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for most of your life you know how annoying it can be. Every day you have to put on your glasses or put in your contacts and then at the end of the day you take them off again. During the time that you don’t wear them you’re effectively blind and if you happen to break your glasses or lose a contact … well that’s the entire day just shot, right? Well Lasik surgery is actually the answer to that problem.

Are you a Candidate for Lasik Surgery?

If you’re one of those people who is really tired of having to wear your glasses or contacts at all times in order to see things that are right in front of you then Lasik is definitely a great option. If you are either near-sighted or far-sighted, but not both, this might also be a good option for you. You need to talk with your doctor first, before you’ll be able to get this type of surgery, but it can definitely improve your daily life.

Why Lasik?

The biggest reason to get Lasik is to avoid the need for glasses or contacts. The procedure is relatively simple and when it is completed and the recovery process is completed you will no longer need glasses or contacts in order to have the high quality vision that others have had all their lives. Instead, you will be able to cut that step out of your (twice) daily routine and get on with your life.

What it takes

When you walk into the office for your surgery you will have numbing drops put into the eye to ensure you don’t have discomfort during the procedure and you will likely be given a medication to relax as well. The process uses a laser to target the cornea and reshape it to a proper form that will give you the eyesight you need. It also uses your prescription to ensure that the eye is fixed to the proper standard. Once one eye is completed the other eye can be done as well and it generally only takes 10 minutes to do both.


What to Keep in Mind

It’s important to recognize that Lasik is not for everyone. Those who have multiple problems with their eyes may not be able to get Lasik surgery in Minneapolis MN because of the differences with the procedure for those in need of near-sighted or far-sighted assistance. It’s also important to recognize that you may not experience immediate changes to your eyesight and it could take up to a few weeks to achieve perfect vision.

Until you have been seen by a doctor you are not able to drive as it is important to determine whether or not your eyesight meets the requirements for driving. Once you have been approved for this and once approximately one week has passed you should be able to resume your normal daily activities. Until this time you should avoid strain on the eyes as well as strenuous activity otherwise which could affect the eyes.

Therapeutic massage DVDS Improve Your Abilities

The artwork of massage is an excellent skill to understand. There are a wide variety of forms associated with massage. You will find sport deep massages, relaxation deep massages, therapeutic deep massages, and sensual massages. Each kind of massage has its techniques that must definitely be mastered. After that, you should consider the number of body parts can end up being massaged.

An efficient massage is a lot more than merely rubbing a place for a particular time period. Massage Dvd disks can improve your understanding of massage methods and where you can employ the various forms in order to massage about the body to become most efficient.

Choosing the best type associated with massage is crucial. You wouldn’t want to try an sensual massage whenever a therapeutic massage is required. By exactly the same token, many sports activities massages have to be stimulating and never relaxing. To be able to choose which sort of massage is simply right for just about any situation is surely an advantage. The wrong type associated with massage performed in the wrong time could be irritating as well as non-beneficial. Massage DVDs can help you learn each massage methods and within what situations it is advisable to employ all of them.

You will even want to learn to massage each part of the body in a different way. It just is sensible that you’ll not therapeutic massage an arm exactly the same way you’d a lower-leg. Massaging the actual temples will need different actions and intensity when compared to shoulders or even back. There are lots of great methods to give feet massages should you learn the actual techniques. Massage DVDs provides you with the knowledge that you’ll require in each verbal as well as visual type.

Massage DVDs would be the perfect in-home training tools that you could find. They are really worth the price whenever you think of what must be done to purchase a nearby course in the community university or individual instruction from the certified therapeutic massage therapist. Professionals about the massage DVD show you securely across the path in order to improving your own massage abilities.

Massage DVDs provide you with a chance to understand, developBusiness Administration Articles, as well as master brand new skills. You learn within the comfort of your home and at the own speed. Repeat the actual lessons and review the information around you would like. You might have great enjoyable and learn simultaneously. Massage can and really should be enjoyable. Massage is helpful to your lover and could be a rewarding individual experience for you personally as nicely.

Get yourself ready for a Therapeutic massage Interview — What Each and every Massage Therapist Ought to know and Request

Before you can begin working like a massage counselor, you need to perform the massage interview to find the job, as interviewing for any massage position is very different than other interview procedures. It’s vital that you know how to proceed and ask to be able to accept the best position, and understanding should you will are an worker or a completely independent contractor is extremely helpful whenever deciding where you can work.

Before you start working like a massage counselor, you need to perform the massage interview to find the job, and interviewing for any massage position is very different than other interview procedures. For numerous massage practitioners, the very first job these people hold directly from massage school is perfect for a chiropractic specialist, or the spa or salon owner rather than working being an independent service provider, and you need to know things to ask to be able to accept the best position. Understanding should you will are an worker or a completely independent contractor – particularly when a therapeutic massage therapist is actually beginning his / her practice – is useful when deciding where you can work.
Why You’ll need a Resume and Resume cover letter When Interviewing for any Massage Placement

While you won’t be sitting in a desk or even crunching amounts, you do have to prepare the resume and resume cover letter for your own anticipated therapeutic massage interview. Though it is the non-traditional atmosphere, your employer may wish to see that you’re a expert massage therapist who are able to represent themself or himself adequately, and the well-written resume cover letter can show you have good conversation skills – an excellent asset whenever using a diverse group of clients. Make sure to include details about your college, your methods, and your own intended qualifications – the greater a possible employer is aware of you as well as your specific pursuits, the more you’ll stand aside from all of those other crowd and also the higher the chance that you’ll soon end up being interviewing for that massage placement.

Coming set for a Therapeutic massage Interview

Whenever you receive the call in the future in to have an interview, prepare to really give the massage. This may surprise a few applicants, however, you are interviewing for any massage placement, and your own employer really wants to know you skill and what your look is such as. Because you need to be comfy while providing the therapeutic massage, be certain to wear a suitable outfit with regard to both the massage as well as an in-person job interview. Often, thoroughly clean, long dark yoga pants along with a collared clothing will work. Unlike the majority of interviews exactly where applicants are required to put on slacks along with a button-down clothing, your possible employer may expect the massage therapist to become dressed for that test therapeutic massage. Just to be certain, when a person schedule the actual massage job interview, ask within the phone what will be appropriate clothing. Additionally, it is definitely smart to arrive in the massage job interview fully ready – the massage counselor should provide supplies towards the interview for example sheets, as well as lotion or even oil. As the interviewer will probably have these types of supplies available, it is definitely smart to be in charge of the session when you are fully ready.

When interviewing for any massage placement, depending on how big the company, a recruiting person or the dog owner will probably be the very first person to take a seat with you for some moments and talk to you regarding your training and encounter. During the actual massage job interview, be prepared to speak about what a person learned within school, exactly what your most powerful and poorest modalities tend to be, what a person envision on your own as the massage counselor, and regarding your prior experience along with clients. Then you definitely will provide a test therapeutic massage, either a good abbreviated (half an hour or much less) or even standard (1 hour) therapeutic massage, showing your own abilities to provide Swedish as well as deep cells massage. Interviewing for any massage placement sometimes, although not often, involves a person being asked to show competence within additional modalities you have listed in your resume for example hot rock therapy, or even sports therapeutic massage.

It is essential to end up being yourself throughout the massage job interview. Just relax and provide the exact same massage that you simply would share with a customer. Do not really be anxious, because it’ll come through inside your touch. Your company is seeking to see your own skill like a massage counselor, and the greater natural as well as relaxed you’re the much better interviewing for that massage position goes.

Getting the task and Operating

If the actual massage job interview goes well and also you get the task, you will probably begin either like a full-time or even part-time therapeutic massage therapist. Make sure to speak together with your employer in advance about the technique of compensation as well as your designation because either a worker or a completely independent contractor, because they are very different and may make a large impact in your revenue as well as tax filing at the conclusion of the entire year. This is an essential question in order to ask whenever interviewing for that massage placement as employees are required to work throughout a set quantity of hours, can only work with one employer at any given time, and must adhere to the employer’s requirements of support and instructions about how exactly to deliver therapeutic massage. From the financial perspective, make sure you understand throughout the massage job interview if you’ll be an worker, as companies pay most of the employee’s taxation’s, and the actual massage therapist is usually eligible with regard to benefits for example health insurance coverage and compensated vacation period.

Unlike workers, independent contractors are usually able to create their personal hours, and therefore are paid a portion of the entire revenue these people bring right into a business. They are apt to have more versatility about the kind of massage process delivered and also the types associated with services provided. If this is actually the type of work place you possess envisioned, you need to establish this particular when interviewing for that massage placement. For instance, a therapeutic massage therapist who’s an employee in a large spa is going to be expected to stick to the regular services because listed on the published menus of providers but the contractor ought to legally convey more flexibility. Throughout the massage job interview, ask in the event that customers be prepared to receive the comparable massage no matter which counselor they observe, and in the event that therapists are required to carefully maintain the massage process. If the massage counselor works being an independent contractor inside a smaller health spa or for any chiropractor, they’re more likely every single child decide where services to provide, the rate from the services, and also the hours where those services is going to be available.

Another cause to explain your status being an employee or even contractor whenever interviewing for that massage position happens because independent contractors have the effect of their personal client information, and possess control more than those customer records when and when they choose to leave their office. It’s vital that you understand this in early stages in the actual massage job interview, because with this particular independence arrives the expectancy of impartial costs — contractors don’t have taxes taken care of by their own employers, and frequently pay a lot of money out-of-pocket at the conclusion of the entire year.

Longevity like a Massage Counselor (Worker or Service provider)

You should understand all the different components that get into interviewing for any massage placement, and understand which queries to ask before you decide to get employed. In add-on to being ready to give the hands-on test massage, it’s also wise to determine throughout the massage job interview what your own potential company expects through you when it comes to compensation, several hours, employee standing, massage kind, and profession ambitions. That way you may be sure to start a long-term, lucrative, and pleasant job like a massage therapistArticle Distribution, either being an employee or a completely independent contractor.

Supplement C skincare – The process

Vitamin C is usually regarded like a wrinkle mma fighter or a good anti-aging broker. The primary objective associated with ‘Vitamin D skin care’, within scientific conditions, is to improve the functionality of collagen (the structural proteins that can be found in skin). The additional advantage of ‘Vitamin D skin care’ relates to its capacity for countering free of charge radicals which damage the pores and skin.

Vitamin C is usually regarded like a wrinkle mm fighter or a good anti-aging broker. The primary objective associated with ‘Vitamin D skin care’, within scientific conditions, is to improve the functionality of collagen (the structural proteins that can be found in skin). The additional advantage of ‘Vitamin D skin care’ relates to its capacity for countering free of charge radicals which damage the pores and skin. Vitamin C skincare, however, faces a significant challenge these days.
This relates to the oxidation inclination of Supplement C skincare products. On holding any oxidizing broker (at the. g. atmosphere), the Supplement C within the Vitamin C skincare products, will get oxidized; thus producing the Supplement C skincare product ineffective (actually counter-effective). The oxidized Supplement C imparts the yellowish-brown color towards the Vitamin C skincare product.

This is actually something you’ll want to check before purchasing a Vitamin C skincare product.
Despite you purchase a Vitamin C skincare product, you have to store this properly as well as keep looking at that it’s nevertheless good to make use of (we. e. this hasn’t achieved a yellowish-brown consistency). The producers of Supplement C skincare products possess tried to cope with this (oxidation) issue in several ways (as well as research upon Vitamin C skincare products is on top of their own list). One particular method associated with retaining usefulness of Supplement C skincare products for any long term would be to keep a higher concentration (state 10%) associated with Vitamin D.

However, this can make the Supplement C skincare products much more expensive. The Supplement C skincare products happen to be pretty affordable and producing them much more expensive may throw the merchandise manufacturers from business. The additional way is by using Vitamin D derivatives (such as ascorbic palpitate as well as magnesium ascorbic phosphate). They are not just more stable but additionally inexpensive. Despite the fact that the derivatives dependent products aren’t as effective since the Vitamin C skincare products, their balance against oxidation is really a very appealing feature which makes them really attractive.

Furthermore, these are considered to be less annoying too. Talking associated with effectiveness associated with Vitamin C skincare products, it’s vital that you mention which not everybody responds in order to Vitamin D treatments. So it’s not really a magic potion by any means. If a person doesn’t visit a noticeable difference inside your skin, it may be because of the skin not answering Vitamin D treatment (and also the Vitamin C skincare products are probably not at problem, at just about all). Because more investigation goes on Free Content articles, one may only maintain our fingertips crossed and await a complete means to fix the problems faced through ‘Vitamin D skin care’ these days.

Best Skincare Line AdorageMD – For top Skin from Any Grow older

We just about all want excellent, radiant skin regardless of what our grow older. Today there are many true skin-care miracles that may deliver incredible results. Few customers really know very well what, precisely is actually inside every bottle associated with serum or even jar associated with cream they buy as well as why it’s supposed to enhance their pores and skin.

While selecting skin-care items a customer must know very well what the pores and skin is as well as why it’s aging. Aging is brought on by both your own genes as well as your behavior. After age thirty 5 and to the forties is definitely an ideal time for any woman to locate a serious pores and skin protection as well as reprogramming regimen which will slow the actual aging to some crawl. It is now time when pores and skin starts altering dramatically: very first deep facial lines appear, due to the lack associated with collagen as well as Hyaluronic acidity; reducing associated with estrogen levels in your body, which result in diminishing associated with skin’s strength and it is elasticity, so there’s sagging from the skin, good lines, facial lines. While all of this is being conducted, the skin can also be loosing 35% associated with its antioxidant supplement reservoir. Which means that the pores and skin becomes much more sensitive, and much more easily annoyed and swollen.

Aging begins to look in the actual forties once the genetic plan has go out of directions, and pores and skin is left with no regenerating plan. What may reprogram pores and skin are substances that switch on collagen production to ensure that skin thinks it’s young once again, while turning from the collagen-destroying nutrients of senior years. New technology already developed methods to clear lifeless layers from the skin, stimulating collagen and blood circulation, replacing dropped volume, as well as making pores and skin glow.

Whatever you really require: A good skincare regimen features a serious dosage of avoidance, no issue what how old you are and pores and skin, along using the latest technologies to change past harm. Adorage may be the first luxury skincare line that combines brand new active elements and organic extracts currently in the marketplace which tackle multiple requirements simultaneously, and therefore are supporting their own benefits along with clinical evidence published within medical publications, and ındividuals are seeing their own effects immediately.

Adorage brings together the exfoliation energy of semi-neutrolized Glycolic acidity (the very best AHA acidity) along with such ingredients as: Retinol, Supplement C, Hyaluronic acidity, purest organic extracts, Soy draw out, Genistein as well as Matrixyl. Retinol is really a potent type of Vitamin The that significantly changes how the hereditary program is actually expressed within skin, thinning top of the layer as well as visibly decreasing wrinkles.

Vitamin C is really a proven wrinkle-fighting substance. It encourages collagen manufacturing, increases the actual skin’s backing structure. Adorage has got the most powerful and stabilized type of Vitamin C-Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (CHART)which is within its greatest concentration as well as benefits within reprogramming skin in a number of days.

Glycolic acid-(alpha-hydroxy acidity, AHA) is within the front type of wrinkle decrease, being the best exfoliation item, by accelerating losing dead tissue and growing collagen manufacturing. Hyaluronic acid- the very best natural moisturizer in it, that draws in and binds drinking water, helping to aid and lubricate your skin. With grow older, Hyaluronic acid within the skin reduces, leaving this dry, free and much less elastic.

Hyaluronic acidity in Adorage skincare line has got the best transmission ability, since it is within precursor phase, so the actual molecules tend to be smaller compared to skin’s, and penetrate your skin immediately. HA helps you to restructurate your skin, prevents drinking water loss as well as boosts skin’s regenerative capability. Matrixyl-is the pentapeptide made up of five connected amino-acids which resemble the fragment associated with collagen.

These bits of collagen in some way stimulate the actual skin’s fibroblasts to create more collagen as well as thereby repair wrinkles. Adorage is really a skin treatment line produced in France, FDA registeredFind Post, and doesn’t possess dangerous chemical preservatives as parabens. It includes products that actually work and also the consumer might find the great leads to 10-14 times.

Universal Health care In Canada – The Labor Union and Public Accountability

The system of universal health care in Canada is founded on public trust and accountability. The labor union provides a solid foundation for promoting public accountability in the Canadian health care system by protecting jobs so that workers can always work in the interest of the public even when that conflicts with their employer’s interest.

There are three stakeholders in the universal health care system in Canada. In the interest of the Canadian public all three groups must work together to deliver health care services.

These three groups are:

1. The government – the Canadian health care system is funded federally but administered by the each of the thirteen provinces and territories. All funds flow from the federal government, to the provincial government, and then to the employer. All provincial and territorial governments must maintain accountability to the federal government for the way that funds are dispersed and annual reports are necessary to ensure compliance with the Canada Health act.
2. The employer -Regional health boards administer local health care services. They employ people to deliver services to clients and customers who are the members of the community they serve. In smaller provinces and territories the provincial or territorial government may be the employer.
3. The workers – These are the people who provide patient care and services as well as the workers who support those services such as the cleaning staff, food services workers, carpenters, electronic data specialists and others.

Each of the stakeholder groups also has a self interest which could be described as:

1. The government – self interest is often directed only toward fiscal accountability and balancing the budget. Sometimes this means increasing taxes or even decreasing services if funds are limited. In most provinces in Canada governments have passed labor laws that put restrictions on a labor union strike in health care in order to protect the public they serve.
2. The employer – the employer’s self interest is to maintain the flow of funds so that services to its customers can be maintained. The employer also has a self interest in maintaining the skills and education of its workforce so it can continue to provide services and meet present and future challenges.
3. The workers – people work in their own self interest. They have families to feed and mortgages to pay. People do not want to work for nothing. They want to feel valued and know that they are making a contribution to their organization and their own community.

All three of these stakeholder groups work in their own interest, but in order to provide health care in Canada they must all work together in the public interest. Therefore there has to be a strong public accountability framework that supports the Canadian health care system, because self interest and public interest are not always compatible.

It is only when the parties work together in the public interest that health care can be delivered in the way that the Canada Health Act requires.

Labor Union in Universal Health care in Canada

The labor union provides a necessary foundation for the public accountability required within the Canadian health care system and this becomes especially important when the interests of the stakeholder parties are in conflict.

It is quite reasonable for an employer to direct an employee in their work and this is accepted within the labor union movement in Canada. However, it is not accepted that an employer can direct an employee to perform their work below an acceptable standard. In other words an employer cannot direct an employee to be a bad employee and do poor quality work.

Employers in the public sector in Canada know that labor unions must work to protect the social and economic welfare of members and therefore, they are aware that the public interest can only be served when employees and employers work together in a common interest. In universal health care in Canada that common interest is the public interest.

With labor unions protecting jobs, workers know they can work in the public interest and still fulfill their own self interests because they have confidence that there are mechanisms in place to resolve conflict and that employers cannot arbitrarily change the nature of their working conditions.

It is a system that works well most of the time. And the Canadian public remain confident that the system works in their interest most of the time as well.

From time to time however, when conflicts arise, labor laws such as essential services legislation are in place to regulate strike action. and ensure the Canadian public that health care services will continue while the parties in conflict work towards a resolution.

Health care Schooling Opportunities and Courses

Health and medical professionals conduct job duties ranging from administrative work to medical care. Health care schools provide students with numerous areas of study that lead to satisfying careers. Students can seek schooling opportunities in several concentration areas that provide them with the coursework needed to enter the industry.

Students that have a desire to work in health care have multiple opportunities available to them. The interests of students will primarily determine what programs to work through. For example, students that want to enter health education will complete different training programs then students that want to enter cardiovascular technology. Educational training can be completed at all levels, but some may require students to hold graduate degrees to qualify for careers. Some areas may only require undergraduate degrees to step into careers. Students need to research the field to know what the requirements are for their area of interest.

Possible training options include:

*Health Information Technician

Professionals maintain all patient records for medical facilities. This highly important role ensures that everything is accurate and up to date. Schooling teaches students the proper and legal ways to collect, manage, and examine data. Students learn to handle medical history of patients and business billing. The goal is to decrease unneeded paperwork and help run the information side of health care smoothly. Common courses in this field may include:

Health Information Statistics
ICD Coding
Students will need to obtain at least an associate’s degree to enter careers as professionals.

*Cardiovascular Technology

The work done in this area of the field has students learning how to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. The different types of diseases are explored to give students a well-rounded knowledge of what affects patients and how to properly treat them. Several hours inside clinical and laboratory courses prepare students to understand diagnostic testing and how to assist with treatment practices. Core courses could include:

Ultrasound Technology
Students can become vascular technologists, echocardiographers, and more after completing a program.

*Health Services

Students interested in the operational side of health care should consider an education in health services. Through programs at every level students can study policies and apply them to organizational management. Administration degrees are highly common giving students a background in public health. Depending on the degree level students will either study to become entry-level managers or administrators. Through program areas relating to finance, human resources management, and more students are qualified for numerous careers inside the industry. Students will complete courses that include:

Health Finance
Aging and Health
Other areas of study can have students completing programs in preventive medicine, public health, and health education.

Health insurance Facts – Including 2010 Health care Reform

Health insurance Facts and Figures

It’s amazing to read about the fact companies pay their top CEOs millions of dollars per year but that more than 40 million Americans – and more than 8 million children – can’t afford health insurance and don’t get it through their small business employer.

The Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 aims to change this. Some of the new changes include that EVERYONE must have health insurance by 2014 or face penalties from the IRS. Small businesses will also receive large tax breaks and government stipends to help get their employees insured.

Here are some more interesting facts about health insurance:

Health care costs typically covered by insurance include doctor visits, hospital visits, surgery, advanced procedures, tests, home care, routine and advanced treatments and other services. Typically, the people who qualify for Medicare are those who are 65 years or older, as well as younger people with disabilities and people with permanent kidney failure. Medicaid is for people who are receiving federal government aid. It typically covers hospitalization, doctor’s visits and other types of services. Prescription drugs, chronic illnesses, uninsured patients, and longer life expectancy are adding to the rising cost of health care. Supplemental insurance covers treatments and services that regular health insurance doesn’t.

Worker’s compensation covers health care costs for illnesses and injuries that occurred because of a person’s employment.

Types of Plans:

-Fee-for-Service: Fee-for-service plans allow you to choose the hospital and doctor you want, but you have to pay a monthly premium fee.

-Health Maintenance Organizations: HMOs are prepaid health plans that require you to pay a co-payment when you visit a doctor. The plans concentrate on preventative care to keep costs down (the costs involved in treating someone with advanced illnesses are much higher).

-Health Savings Accounts: These savings accounts help pay down high deductibles. They often carry over from year to year.

-Point of Service Plans: These plans allow you to see doctors who aren’t inside your plan.

-Preferred Provider Organizations: Like HMOs, there is a small co-payment for visiting doctors inside your plan. Unlike HMOs, you can see doctors who are outside your plan, but you’ll have to pay more of the bill yourself.

-Self-Directed Health Plans: This is a PPO plan combined with a quarterly allowance that you can use for preventative health care. Like a health savings account, the money rolls over to the next year if you don’t use it.

Health insurance figures:

Millions of Americans are uninsured or under insured because of the soaring costs of health care. The U. S. paid almost $2. 5 trillion in health care costs in 2008, and the average health care cost per American is $7, 400 per year. Uninsured patients who also don’t pay their medical bills are driving up the cost of health care. Hospitals cover approximately $30 billion every year in unpaid medical bills. There are more than 40 million Americans who live without health insurance every year, and more than 8 million of them are children. Employers pay a premium of about $12, 500 per year for insurance for a family of four. Economists predict that health care costs will rise to more than $3 trillion per year during the next decade.

People who wait to see a doctor even though they are ill or injured often end up facing higher medical bills. Preventable hospital visits can end up costing those people more than $3, 000 on average.

Saving Health care: What Should It Look like?

I believe the year 2011 will be pivotal in the battle for an affordable and workable Health care system that will serve the United states. If we will face the cold hard facts and develop a clear understanding of what a model system looks like, we can enjoy better individual health and economic prosperity beyond anyone’s belief system to comprehend. This first article of the New Year will lay out what a model system looks like and subsequent articles will give more details of how we can move toward a system that really works.

With an ill-conceived “Obamacare” system taking effect this year, with no benefits for three years, the time has come to change my approach from “fixing” the system to “saving” the system. It is not my style to “scare” people into action, but the fact remains, if we do not stop this “Obamanation” in total, we are destined to become a third rate country with economic problems unlike anything our citizens have ever faced. Every single citizen needs to get involved now and stay involved for years to come because there will always be those who seek power to control our lives. Look around and see the symptoms. Already we have debt our grandchildren will be paying for, unemployment at never before seen levels and forecast to continue for years, freedoms neutralized or taken from us, and what do our leaders tell us? With obvious lies they tell us we are on the right track, and it will take years to make things better (better for who? )#). We need to take action NOW because the longer we allow these conditions to continue, the more devastating they will be and the longer it will take to fix them.

So, let’s start with a clear understanding of what a workable system looks like. First, a free enterprise health care system that constantly adjusts to market conditions will best serve everyone. In other words, get politicians and government out of the business. Never in our history has any politician/government run program of any kind ever been successful, never!

Step one to better health: Un-elect politicians who claim they will provide a health care program for you.

Second, each individual needs to understand they have an individual responsibility to take better care of their health. Eating properly and exercising routinely will do more to improve one’s health and reduce future health problems than any “co-pay health plan”.

Step two to better health: Purchase only “catastrophic health care plans”. Everyone needs to realize that “co-pay plans” are not really what they seem. These plans are responsible for grossly increasing costs and are nothing more than financial plans to pre-pay for medical care one may or may not need as determined by an insurance company employee. It is my opinion that eliminating these plans would reduce costs by as much as 70% almost overnight.

Third, take the profit for lawyers out of the industry. Lawyers do absolutely nothing to improve health care for anyone. Lawyers are nothing more than “vultures” hovering around hospitals looking for opportunities to sue someone.

Step Three to better health: Individually we must learn how to vote and elect only politicians who will support the concept of taking all of the profit for lawyers out of the industry.

Fourth, everyone must assume personal responsibility for their own health. Every individual has health concerns that are specific for them and individually should be responsible for learning to deal with them. To assume one can get healthy by going to a doctor, or a hospital, or by taking drugs (of any kind), or being covered by health insurance, is living in a fantasy world, it is not going to happen. Each of us owns something that will work to improve one’s health, and that is our own body. It was marvelously created to serve each of us and the better we take care of it, the better the results.

Step Four to better health: Be responsible for your own health and learn as much as you can about the relationship of good health and your body.